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    How could Kapsys help your business?

      Custom software development has a CAGR of 7.93% and a potential growth rate of $31.76 billion by 2025, as per Businesswire.

    Kapsys is a software development company and we build custom software to solve the challenges businesses face on their journey to success.

    We are delivering our top-quality services by combining professional teamwork with modern software development technologies – SDLC and SCRUM to mention a few. Our technology stack meets the requirements of the most challenging project.

    6 benefits of custom software development by Kapsys

    Improve Productivity

    Software that is specifically developed for the needs of the business will help employees work more efficiently and perform better at their workplace. When employees become more productive and engaged, they will be able to deliver better results in a shorter amount of time which in the end will benefit the company after all.

    Increase ROI

    The cost often times is a deciding factor when it comes to custom software development. However, in a long term custom software is actually cheaper and brings more benefits to the business yielding more return on every dollar invested. No need to purchase additional hardware, buy licences or pay for something your employees are never going to use.

    Grow Faster

    One of the foremost goals of every business is growing over time which comes along with the rollout of new products or services. Very often, off-the-shelf software products can’t meet the growing demands. This is when custom software development comes into play providing needed flexibility and supporting growth.

    3rd Party Integrations

    Custom software allows your business to integrate with other 3rd party software seamlessly, unlike off-the-shelf software. It provides a lift in the competitive edge for the business by shifting business operations into mobile and cloud. That brings improved efficiency as a return.

    Unique Product

    Every business is unique in a way it operates, so the software requirements should also be tailored to each case. Developing a unique software product ensures that all business requirements and functionalities are met.

    Custom Software Is Yours

    The biggest and most important benefit of custom software is that it belongs to your business. All of its functions, features, user interface, and data are in hands of your organization.

    Delivery Approach

    While developing your custom software, we will go through several conceptual iterations.

    Business Requirements Mapping
    To develop a proper solution design and the product vision, our experts determine the business challenge or opportunity, needs, objectives, client’s expectations, distribution model, target audiences, and regulations to comply with.
    UI and UX Design
    Considering the industry standards and behavioral patterns, Kapsys creates design systems with reusable components. These can be assembled together for building any number of apps and introducing changes on all system levels quickly and with minimum efforts.
    Solution Architecture
    Next, we provide the overall architecture vision. The detailed clickable prototype consists of the full solution schema with the list of all components, infrastructure and integrations.
    Development Process
    At this stage, we model a custom software development lifecycle and delivery approach. Based on the created design systems, we elaborate on the technical map that demonstrates the roles, responsibilities, artifacts, and processes required to implement the solution.
    Along with providing a solution design, our experts kick-off the development process, compose manuals and conduct training and coaching activities.

    Which package is right for you?

    Resources Small Medium Large
    Number of users 1-5 6-12 12-20
    Customizable fields 25th 50 100
    Individualized objects - 1 3
    Automated reporting Default Standard + 3 custom reports Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Default Standard + 1 custom dashboard Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Integration into third-party systems - - 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company - -
    Workflow definitions - - up to 10
    Resources Small
    Number of users 1-5
    Customizable fields 25th
    Individualized objects -
    Automated reporting Default
    Dashboards Default
    Integration into third-party systems -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Medium
    Number of users 6-12
    Customizable fields 50
    Individualized objects 1
    Automated reporting Standard + 3 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 1 custom dashboard
    Integration into third-party systems -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Large
    Number of users 12-20
    Customizable fields 100
    Individualized objects 3
    Automated reporting Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Integration into third-party systems 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company
    Workflow definitions up to 10