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Integrate every part of your company that interacts with customers — including marketing, sales, service, and more — onto one 360° CRM platform, Salesforce.

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    Why do companies need Salesforce?

    Salesforce is the all time market leader at CRM has been in the industry for over 20 years.

    Salesforce allows businesses to better connect with their customers and partners through the cloud.

    With a Salesforce CRM system, you can store and manage important customer information centrally, so that all your employees have access to the collective knowledge of your customers.

    Salesforce CRM allows you to:
    Automate workflows
    Office work becomes qualitatively and quantitatively measurable
    Facilitate internal and external communication
    Work cloud-based, without additional hardware or software
    Free updates and excellent support

    Value you’ll get with Kapsys Salesforce integration

    Analysis Workshop

    Together with Salesforce experts, you will analyze your current situation. Based on this knowledge, we will adapt your individual CRM system later.

    Basic Configuration

    We adapt the fields and user interface it to your needs. Our developers customize the software that if fits your business.

    Sales Automation

    We adjust the areas of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and activities according to your needs: from the layout to the automated reports.

    Data Migration

    Our Data engineers make sure your relations and contacts will be migrated and converted to the most effective practices.

    Connect for Outlook & Gmail

    Access Salesforce data from your email, create Salesforce records Staying in the email application saves you time and helps ensure everything is up to date with the latest communications.

    Sales and Marketing Training

    In a Training we explain the functions of your new CRM system. We discuss examples that are suitable for your company and cater to your special requirements.

    Delivery Approach

    Working with CRM structure and information architecture, we're going through several conceptual iterations.

    First, we get to know you and take a close look at your company. It shows what is important to you. And together we work out the first draft of your CRM system in a detailed workshop.
    Setting up your CRM system
    Then your personal CRM system will be put together. Kapsys Salesforce experts configure the user interface according to your requirements, migrate existing customer data and integrate your email system.
    Finally, we will hand over a fully functional CRM system to you. Including comprehensive training in which we explain the basic functions and discuss specific case studies.

    Which package is right for you?

    Resources Small Medium Large
    Number of users 1 - 10 11 - 50 50+
    Customizable fields 10 50 100
    Individualized objects - 1 3
    Automated reporting Default Standard + 3 custom reports Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Default Standard + 1 custom dashboard Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Custom API Integrations - - 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company - -
    Workflow definitions - - up to 10
    Resources Small
    Number of users 1 - 10
    Customizable fields 10
    Individualized objects -
    Automated reporting Default
    Dashboards Default
    Custom API Integrations -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Medium
    Number of users 11 - 50
    Customizable fields 50
    Individualized objects 1
    Automated reporting Standard + 3 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 1 custom dashboard
    Custom API Integrations -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Large
    Number of users 50+
    Customizable fields 100
    Individualized objects 3
    Automated reporting Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Custom API Integrations 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company
    Workflow definitions up to 10