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    Custom website development by Kapsys

    Kapsys builds custom websites using the newest technologies. These custom websites help businesses of any size to increase brand recognition and build trust with customers.

    The new website developed by Kapsys will be much better suited to meet the specific requirements of your business. It will look much more professional than the one done by the website builder. This will help with your branding – visitors remember unique websites.

    Overall, the layout and great performance of the website will help you achieve:
    Superior SEO results
    Great user experience
    Increased conversions and sales

    The value you will get from Kapsys website development

    Quick Deployment

    We are using state-of-the-art web development technologies, therefore we are able to deploy your website really quickly. All we need from you is your content. We will design and build your website, so you don’t have to worry about fixing HTML errors on your site.

    Unique Look and Feel

    If you’re building a site with the help of a website builder, then you’re limited in terms of functionality and overall design. Kapsys will deliver a unique look and feel according to your requirements.

    Fast Loading Time

    How fast your website loads is a critical factor for a successful customer journey and it is also important for SEO purposes. Ideally, a web page should take 3 seconds or less to load. We will ensure that your website is lighting fast.

    Improved Security

    The security of your website is an important component that is impacted by how your site was designed and coded. So it is super important that your website remains unavailable for hackers attack and breaches. Kapsys builds websites following the most up-to-date cybersecurity methodologies.

    Mobile-Friendly Site

    According to Statista in Q4 2021 47% of all traffic in the USA had originated from mobile devices. So it is really crucial to build a website optimized for mobile devices. Basically, the better experience your mobile visitors have, the more chances are for a new business.

    Greater Scalability

    Companies and businesses grow over time, and therefore business processes become more sophisticated. So, it is crucial that your website is built flexible enough to meet the requirements of your business over the next few years. This will allow greater scalability of your business years ahead.

    Delivery Approach

    While working on building your website, we will go through several conceptual iterations.

    Sitemap and wireframe creation
    It is important to work on a website’s sitemap in the early process of website planning. A site map is basically a structure of the website with a high level of functionality and navigation. The end outcome will be a sketch that will be presented to project stakeholders.
    Design phase
    Great website design is not only about the layout of graphical elements and content. It is about making sure the website creation is aligned with the overall strategy of the company. We will go through steps like goal identification, content planning and creation, and visual elements.
    Development phase
    At this stage, we will involve our backend and front developers so that they can start building your website. They will be using the best industry practices and detailed specifications to develop your website.
    Production and testing phase
    The testing phase is really crucial step in your website development. Our team of testers will run manual and automated sets of tests to make sure that the website performs as intended. We will also test the site’s speed and responsiveness on various mobile devices. If all goes well, your site is ready to be launched and go into production.
    At this stage, we will hand over all data to you and your team. The website is yours, enjoy more website traffic from organic visitors, more conversions, and more business.

    Which package is right for you?

    Resources Small Medium Large
    Number of users 1-5 6-12 12-20
    Customizable fields 25th 50 100
    Individualized objects - - 3
    Automated reporting Default Standard + 3 custom reports Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Default Standard + 1 custom dashboard Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Integration into third-party systems - - 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company - -
    Workflow definitions - - up to 10
    Resources Small
    Number of users 1-5
    Customizable fields 25th
    Individualized objects -
    Automated reporting Default
    Dashboards Default
    Integration into third-party systems -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Medium
    Number of users 6-12
    Customizable fields 50
    Individualized objects -
    Automated reporting Standard + 3 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 1 custom dashboard
    Integration into third-party systems -
    Workflow definitions -
    Resources Large
    Number of users 12-20
    Customizable fields 100
    Individualized objects 3
    Automated reporting Standard + 10 custom reports
    Dashboards Standard + 5 custom dashboards
    Integration into third-party systems 1
    Adaptation of the user interface to the company
    Workflow definitions up to 10